Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a special type of shelves that mount directly to your wall without any support from the floor. The special thing about floating shelves is that they can go anywhere. The hardest part about using floating shelves is making sure they can hold whatever you put on them.
Over 99% of floating shelves should online are “ornamental,” which means they are not meant to actually be used. So, the most important factor you should consider when making and/or buying shelves online is their ability to support weight. The design of the shelf is crucial for strength—as are the components used. At pipeworkpieces, every shelf I offer is meant to hold the maximum weight possible. You won’t find stronger shelves.
The second most important factor in making and/or buying a floating shelf is aesthetics. How good does it look? The magical thing about good floating shelves is that they are both strong and beautiful.

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